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Trail Conditions

It looks like snow will start being with us for the rest of the year.  Be careful if you go up.  When the snow gets deeper, please be aware of avalanches and other snow conditions.  It would be best to receive proper training as the winter progresses.  When hiking season starts next year, we will be providing information on trail conditions.  1st photo is of team members on August 6.  Second photo is of AirMed in front of glacier/snowfield.  Click on photos to enlarge.  Glen – Sept. 27, 2014

Our team Aug 8-10, 2014


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TERT – High Camp  and Trail Head are on the mountain and are there Friday evenings through Sunday mornings until late September.  The Trail Head members are usually in the Trail Head shacks to answer any questions, encourage you to sign the hiking list, and help  if there are problems.  The High Camp team  usually hangs out at the Emerald Lake Shelter during the day and helps with medical problems or other issues. They have radio communications with both Trail Heads.  Say hi to the team when you go up there.

We have just completed our 31st year and TERT is off the mountain until next spring.  Glen – Sept. 27, 2014


Sign ups for 2015 will start next spring.

To sign up for High Camp:

To sign up for Trailhead:

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Live Updates

From Team Leaders while on the Mountain.

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