High Camp

The High Camp Team meets at the Aspen Grove Trail Head at approximately 1700 Hr. and hikes the 5.5 miles to High Camp which is located in the Hidden Lakes area of Timpanogos.  The High Camp Team spends the nights in camp and the daytime hours near the Emerald Lake Shelter and surrounding areas.  The team is lead by a High Camp Team Leader who has the overall responsibility for the weekend. The Team consists of the leader, at least one communications person, one or two designated medical people (EMT’s, LPN, FR, etc.) and “runners.”  Familiarity with ice axe use and other climbing equipment is important – especially early in the season.  The Team stays on the mountain Friday night through Sunday afternoon regardless of weather conditions so you must be prepared for anything that may come along.  Temperatures often go below freezing at these elevations.

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TERT Team Leaders

Andrew Barney
Executive Director
andrew at kasha dot net
Chris Black
Operations Director
jchrisblack at gmail dot com
Mark Gerberding
Logistics Director
wasatch50 at gmail dot com
Jared Madsen
Development Director
jairbear at gmail dot com
Glen Meyer
tertge at gmail dot com
Heidi Vawdrey
hvawdrey at gmail dot com
Micah Christiansen
christiansen.micah at gmail dot com
Shem Flitton
shem.ki7tqr at gmail dot com
Martin Wright
martinwri at yahoo dot com
Steve Fleischer
steve0605 at gmail dot com
Logan Steele
steeleloganv at gmail dot com
Scott Boyce
scottboyce3 at gmail dot com
Jamie Cummings
jamie at other-world dot org
Joshua Jones
jjonesy211 at gmail dot com
Christy Luke
femailluke at yahoo dot com