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2022 TERT Indoor Training – March 19

Mar 7, 2022   //   by K7JKD   //   Training  //  Comments Off on 2022 TERT Indoor Training – March 19

At long last the time has come to gather again as we enter the 40th year of TERT.

This is a friendly reminder of the Indoor training in 2 weeks. There will be perennial favorite topics alongside subjects not previously covered by TERT. Download the agenda.

Date:Saturday, March 19th
Time:08:00 (am) for new members (application info here)
09:00 (am) for returning members
Location:Utah County Health and Justice Building
Room 1600 (First floor)
151 S. University Ave, Provo, UT

Parking is on the east side of the building. You may use the open air parking to the northeast, or the multi-story parking structure to the southeast. Enter the building near the center of the east side of the building where the rotating door is located. Our room is straight into the lobby, and just past the restrooms on the first floor.

One item of preparation before we meet:

We will cover the use of GPS coordinates, learning to communicate this crucial information the same way that LifeFlight, AirMed, Dispatch and SAR all use and expect them. Please have a mapping application of your choice, AND some offline map areas downloaded beforehand as a preparatory measure. Offline areas to consider downloading ahead of time are the Mt Timp area and/or Utah County if you have enough space on your phone. Here are some mapping application options and information from the instructor, Scott Boyce:

IMPORTANT: NONE of the apps/maps will work unless you download the maps beforehand at home. After downloading the application and some offline maps, test by killing the app, putting your phone in airplane mode (no WiFi or data) and then re-launch the app and see if you can use it to browse maps. The larger commercial apps (Gaia, AllTrails, CalTopo) have free versions, but offline mapping is universally excluded until you pay. As a frugal person, my preference is AlpineQuest for Android, and Topo Maps US for iOS. Neither has ongoing subscription costs. Google Maps works fine on either OS as well, you just have to be certain that you have saved the topo layers offline.



Utah County Health and Justice Building main entrance.
Utah County Health and Justice Building parking lot.

2022 Training Dates

Feb 14, 2022   //   by K7JKD   //   Announcements  //  Comments Off on 2022 Training Dates


When: Saturday 19 March 2022
Time: New Member: 08:00 (am)
Time: Regular Start: 09:00 (am)
Full details…


Location: Theater in the Pines Amphitheater, Aspen Grove
Date: Saturday 30 April 2022
Time: New Member: 08:00 (am)
Time: Regular Start: 09:00 (am)

TERT Outdoor Training 2021

Apr 25, 2021   //   by K7JKD   //   Announcements  //  Comments Off on TERT Outdoor Training 2021

When: Saturday 15 May at 0800
Where: Aspen Grove, Theater in the Pines

At present we expect to be wrapping up by 1330. If that means you need a lunch or snack handy, please come prepared. Please plan accordingly to keep yourself comfortable no matter the weather conditions for the duration.

We will share an agenda as the date approaches. A few topics to expect are Landing Zone prep/procedures, recognizing snow dangers and terminology, and medical considerations for hikers who may have previously recovered from COVID-19 and end up suffering unexpected complications on the mountain. We will also have a few hands-on breakout sessions on various topics, including a few light technical items not covered by TERT in recent years.

If you are new with TERT, or unfamiliar with the following topics, please take some time and familiarize yourself with a few videos from the archive prior to the 15th. These topics are all still very relevant for this year.

Medical category:

Both of these presentations are from 2020 training

Radio category:

800 MHz public service radio usage
Using the TERT radio autopatch

In place of indoor training this year we will have a series of occasional online meetups where different topics and skills will be covered.

Thanks for all you do with TERT. We expect a fun day learning and catching up with each of you!