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New Member Training 2021

Apr 25, 2021   //   by Jared Madsen   //   Announcements  //  Comments Off on New Member Training 2021

When: Wednesday March 24, 2021 1830-2030 Mountain
This event will take place on Google Meet. For access to the link, contact a team member, reach out by email, or contact the team on Facebook. We look forward to another great year with you and your new recruits!

Indoor Training Follow Up

May 19, 2020   //   by Jared Madsen   //   Announcements  //  No Comments
Behind the scenes at M10
Behind the scenes at M10

First off, a huge thanks to M10 Marketing (, who kindly allowed us to use their large space and blazing fast internet (512 up/down!) to livestream the event in 1080p. Also, a thanks to Chase Movement (the private gym next door) for keeping their music and power lifting to a minimum for us!

Most importantly, our training would not have been the success that it was without our amazing presenters. Thanks to each of them as well. We were lucky to have Heidi Vawdrey, Mike Nielson, and Jordan Dye. We appreciate their preparation and timely messages.

We hope you were able to join the training on YouTube live Saturday morning. If not, then you are in luck, and the entire video can still be seen at the same URL as previously shared for the live event:

Please note that attendance is being recorded for credit.  For those who attended Saturday, please complete the quick attendance survey, here:  For those who weren’t able to watch it live, you can still view the recording and complete the survey for credit.  

By popular request, the PowerPoint presentations and other notes shared will be available to download at this link:

Lastly, if you haven’t had a chance to sign up for your desired weekends, we usually share the link during the training, and folks who were present got first dibs. There were a few things misconfigured with AG Trailhead signups which have been fixed, opening up several weekends. There are still many a fantastic weekend available, so get what is left for yourself here:

Stay tuned for announcements for how we will handle our customary Outdoor Training this year. Thanks for being awesome!

TERT 2020 Training Updates

May 7, 2020   //   by Jared Madsen   //   Announcements  //  Comments Off on TERT 2020 Training Updates

The “Outdoor Training” previously announced for May 16 is now cancelled. We considered planning an event for June, but with unknowns for future group gathering size restrictions, we have opted to turn our focus to a series of online events, some of which will be live, and others will be recorded and available on demand.

We will soon share announcements of virtual or live events on various topics.  Likely the first of these will touch on use of the “TERT Autopatch.” This is a landline phone line connected to a radio transceiver. It is our primary form of communication with Utah County Dispatch. You can learn more about an Autopatch in general from this article, which will have you all set to roll into the live training on this topic: Ham Radio: Autopatch

We also plan to publish a trailhead specific training video, as well as a new member training video in the next month, and we will let you know when those are ready. (That said, if you love making videos, and have time,  experience, and equipment, please contact Jared at 801-330-5049)
Thank you again for the awesome turnout at Indoor Training, held as a virtual event in April. If you missed the event, you can still view it here: TERT “Indoor” Training 2020 – Livestream