TERT 2020 Training Updates

May 7, 2020   //   by Jared Madsen   //   Announcements  //  Comments Off on TERT 2020 Training Updates

The “Outdoor Training” previously announced for May 16 is now cancelled. We considered planning an event for June, but with unknowns for future group gathering size restrictions, we have opted to turn our focus to a series of online events, some of which will be live, and others will be recorded and available on demand.

We will soon share announcements of virtual or live events on various topics.  Likely the first of these will touch on use of the “TERT Autopatch.” This is a landline phone line connected to a radio transceiver. It is our primary form of communication with Utah County Dispatch. You can learn more about an Autopatch in general from this article, which will have you all set to roll into the live training on this topic: Ham Radio: Autopatch

We also plan to publish a trailhead specific training video, as well as a new member training video in the next month, and we will let you know when those are ready. (That said, if you love making videos, and have time,  experience, and equipment, please contact Jared at 801-330-5049)
Thank you again for the awesome turnout at Indoor Training, held as a virtual event in April. If you missed the event, you can still view it here: TERT “Indoor” Training 2020 – Livestream

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